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Qualified PAA Fishing Coach

Based on the Berkshire, Surrey, Middlesex, Hampshire borders offers...

Alan Tomkins Fishing Instruction
Angling LessonsAngling lessons, instruction and advice.
Coarse Fishing LessonsCoarse fishing for carp, barbel, pike, chub, tench, perch, grayling.
Fly FishingFly-casting tuition and fly-fishing for trout.
Carp FishingRiver or lake/gravel pit fishing.
"Want to catch a barbel on a centrepin? I can teach you to Wallis cast direct from the reel and put you in with a great chance of catching barbel on the 'pin'."
Fishing Lessons TackleAdvice on tackle choice and baits for all of the above species!
Fishing Instruction PermitsAll tackle, bait, licenses and permits can be supplied if required!

Why have fishing instruction?

My name is Alan Tomkins, and for more years ago than I care to admit I began this fascination with fish and fishing, with watery worlds and their inhabitants. At that time contact was either with sticklebacks in the Round Pond in Kensington Gardens, or anything that lurked in the rocky pools of the Devonian coast where we usually spent our annual holidays. It was some years before I finally graduated to a fishing rod and the other necessary items to enable me to catch fish, or more accurately, to try to catch fish. Eventually, from begging stealing or borrowing, rod, reel, line, hooks and a few floats and weights were assembled, But what I lacked was knowledge. In short - I had none. I really knew nothing about fishing, or fishing tackle. I was born into a non-fishing family - there was no-one to teach me how to fish, and angling lessons were unheard of. So I made my own way, with forays to the Grand Union canal, the nearest piece of water to where I then lived. Needless to say, I hardly caught anything. The tackle I had amassed was totally unsuitable. And I didn't really know how to use it. Just one lesson could have put me on the right track, and saved me many years of frustration.

For a young boy growing up in London, learning to fish showed a very shallow learning curve. There was however no shortage of enthusiasm, and then, as now, what drove me to keep fishing was not what I did catch (which was very little, though that has improved somewhat) but what I might catch, if not now, then in the next second, or if not that second, then the one after. What I would have given for good fishing advice, but I think in those days the only people who were teaching fishing were the fly-fishermen, and they were a long long way from the banks of London's canals.

Having fishing lessons can put you on the right track straight away. It can save you from wasting money buying the wrong tackle. I often have people turn up with tackle bought for them by well meaning relatives, but tackle which is totally unsuitable for the would be anglers purpose and which serves more as a handicap than an aid to catching fish. Having fishing tuition can show you how to approach different types of waters, how to fish lakes and rivers, and give you an insight into the different methods and tackle used for the different species of fish. There is nothing like being shown the right way from the start.

Fishing is a great sport, a sport that may take you, if not all over the world (as it can), at least to some of the most beautiful and unspoilt parts of the British Isles. I hope that by offering angling lessons and fishing guiding I can set more people on the road to being successful anglers, and that those people will stay in the sport and have long and enjoyable fishing careers and get the enjoyment out of fishing that I have been lucky to have had.


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