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Based on the Berkshire/Middlesex/Hampshire/Surrey borders.

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Charges are essentially variable as I do offer quite diverse services. To give an example, a night fishing session for carp may run to 24 hours, whereas a day's fly-fishing for trout would typically be about 7 hours. Also, you might want tuition only, or you might want to incorporate the tuition in a day's fishing.
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Rather than charge for a day, which most people would reckon to be around 9am - 5 pm, I aim to get you on the bank at the productive times. For barbel, the best 7 hours may well be from late afternoon to midnight, whilst a tench session may be best from dawn to midday.
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Charges for fishing lessons in summer are therefore based loosely around 7 hour sessions. In summer this might be from 5pm til midnight or from 5 a.m til midday. There is often little point in being out all day in the summer, mornings and evenings being the best times.
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Generally I will only take 1 angler fishing at a time, but in some situations special sessions for 2 anglers could be arranged on request.

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Tuition only coarse or fly-fishing: £25 per hour (1 hour minimum)

Day fishing: 1 angler £90 - 2 anglers £160

Day boat fishing: £100 (restricted to one angler)

Night fishing for carp: £120

Barbel (7 hour session): £90

Tench (7 hour session): £90

Pike (all day bank session): £90

Chub (all day session - autumn/winter only): £90

Perch (all day session autumn/winter only): £90

Fishing Lessons TackleAdvice on tackle choice and baits!
Fishing Lessons TackleAll tackle, bait, licenses and permits can be supplied if required!